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Customer Testimonials

Marybeth with Honcho


"I sent my 6 mo. old German Shepherd for the board and train program and really can’t believe the results. I now have the well-rounded “dog on the go” I’ve always wanted. My puppy is now with me wherever I go; from running errands, to work days at the vet, to hanging out on the farm. He is relaxed and comfortable around crowds, other animals, unfamiliar places,  etc.
I also was extremely happy that Top Notch Canine allows training to be done in a home environment. He was learning to be comfortable in public places with distractions during the day and being reinforced on potty training, mealtime manners, playing with other dogs, etc. during any free time.
Would definitely recommend this program to anyone considering. I got outstanding results - better than I even hoped for!"

Collin with Chief


"Top Notch Canine helped me shape my German Shepherd into the well-behaved, focused pup I need him to be. Everywhere I go he is now able to come along - work, the gym, stores, car rides, etc. Reagan trained him as well as two of his siblings in her home and treated them like her own. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. With the help of TN-K9, Chief is my right-hand-man!" 

Susan and Ritchie with Koda


"Want to say thank you to Reagan Williams and Top Notch Canine for the great training Koda received. She changed some bad habits we did not know how to deal with. And they give you the information to continue training at home for future success. Would fully recommend them to everyone!"

The Hayes' with Lucy and Thor


"Top Notch Canine has changed my 2 golden doodles. They did the two week board and training program and are different dogs! They used to pull on walks, run away and not come back, and chase after squirrels and rabbits. That has all changed! They recall, they don’t pull, they don’t chase after animals on walks. Highly recommend Reagan with Top Notch Canine!"

Will and Jennifer with Murphy


Reagan and Will did an AMAZING job with my fur baby! Murphy is a 3 year old Wheaten terrier and full of energy/life. I love his rambunctious self but over the past year or two, his energy has become uncontrollable and he works himself up into such a mental frenzy that he has become very reactive to most other dogs. Because of his reactivity, I developed a lot of anxiety when faced with social situations between my dog and other dogs. Reagan worked with Murphy for 3 weeks at her house alongside her pack, constantly introducing him to new dogs and new social situations. Through her consistency with rebuilding basic training skills and her vast knowledge of dog behavior, she was able to teach my dog how to control his energy and learn safe spaces/ways for him to calm himself down when over-excited. I still have my own anxiety to work through, but with continued reassurance from Reagan as well as Murphy proving to me just how much his behavior has improved, I have no doubt we will be a confident dog/owner duo again soon! PLEASE consider Reagan for your dog training needs...she fixed problems no one else was able to address and stayed in constant communication with me sending pics and videos the entire time my dog was away from home. Reagan will make your dog a part of her family and there's no better peace of mind than that!

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